Tuesday, May 15, 2012

7 Days to go....

Here we are - we have 7 days to go & i'm back in the hospital.  First I have to tell you that I keep saying that this is the "Final Countdown" and each time I hear this song, "Its the Final Countdown" by Europe in my head.  Horrible, I know, but that's what hospitalized bed rest will do for you! lol!

My appointment Friday didn't go so well & my blood pressures were up.  I have no idea what happened because they had been doing well at home & i'd made it through 4 other OB appointments & managed to pass & be allowed to head back home.  My OB was out of the office last week so I saw two of her partners.  Made it though one but not the other.  Funny, the one on Friday, Dr. C. - she was the one who put me in the hospital the first time, back in early April!  I really do like her so i'm not sure how we don't mesh well with my blood pressures during my appointments where I see her.  In the end, my Maternal Fetal Specialist who oversees my care told her that if I threw blood pressure numbers like that again, then they would have to deliver me.  So we agreed to keep me put here for the remainder, instead of risking me repeating the blood pressure episode at one of my two appointments this week and ending up having to deliver a few days earlier than planned.

Anyways, I made it 2.5 weeks at home & for that we are so thankful.  It was really nice and really helped with some extra quality time spent with my bug.  She is doing much better this time around as we had a lot of time to talk and answer any questions she had.  We also reminded her before each appointment that I went to, that if the Drs. wished to watch the baby grow more closely, then I would have to come back in the hospital.  So I think we were all prepared better this time around & she's seemed to of done well, thankfully.

We are scheduled super late in the day on next Tuesday.  So it's going to be a long day.  I'm also due for a lovely round of Mag Sulfate after delivery since I do fall into the mild preeclampsia category.  So we will update everyone but don't expect to see anything here until late Wednesday or maybe even Thursday, depending on how I feel - since Mag Sulfate should truly be used as a form of torture....  thoughts & prayers are welcomed for us all.  We are very excited to meet our newest little one & to complete our family.


Melissa said...

At least the end is in sight! Praying that everything goes smoothly.

Julieo49 said...

I am so sorry you had to have mag. I had that with no. 1 son and it was awful. He is 16 now so all was fine but I doo remember that terrible feeling

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