Thursday, August 27, 2009

Old Navy Weekly

Its Thursday & that means its Old Navy Weekly Update time!

Keep an eye out on their website in hopes to catch it on the reload. They are hiding great coupons again this week, including $65 off $100 purchase coupons! They are tricky & rarely give any hints as to what time of the evening or night they will reload - so it's up to you to keep refreshing.

Last week I was lucky enough to score my second $75 off $100 purchase & really enjoyed spending that!
Good Luck!


Heather D. said...

Wow you lucked out! I haven't found a coupon yet...ever! What do you click on, the circles?

Saving Our Way said...

Hey Heather -

The hiding places & what you have to do to find the coupons change each week. You are mainly looking around the site with your mouse for an indication that you are on a hot image. Your mouse will turn from an arrow to a hand with a pointer finger.

Sometimes there is a bird or an animal that will randomly fly or run by that you have to catch & click on. Sometimes you have to change the clothes of the manequins. There are numerous coupons to be had. :-)

Good Luck the next time you visit the site!

Literary Mama said...

I thought they did this on Sunday?? No wonder I'm not finding any.

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